Where To Save On Your Next Renovation?

By Louie Liu | March 5, 2020

Where to save on your next renovation? Setting up a kitchen or even going for a renovation can be a costly affair. But with the right planning for your material, structure, hardware and budget, you can achieve a perfect balance. It is always a good idea to plan your renovation with the future in mind. […]

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Ms&Mr Kitchen’s Guide to Small Kitchen Renovation

By Louie Liu | February 10, 2020

When Bigger is Better Why Go Small? First of all having a small kitchen by no means is a disadvantage. Yes, a large kitchen is appealing and could make your friends and neighbours jealous, but it can also blow a hole in your wallet, especially if you are operating on a tight budget. In fact, […]

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The First Step Towards A New Dream Kitchen

By Louie Liu | February 10, 2020

The task of remodeling or renovating your kitchen should never be taken lightly. If you choose to buy an off the shelf hardware, there is a good chance that you could end up with a product that has a bad design and is of poor quality. Furthermore, you will most likely bear an extremely high […]

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What Type Of Kitchen May Work For Me?

By Louie Liu | January 22, 2020

Are you planning to give your kitchen a makeover? Have you decided the right kitchen style for your home? If you’re a novice in kitchen designing and remodelling, you’ve reached the right page! Before enhancing the décor of your kitchen, it’s important to choose the right kitchen layout. The layout of the kitchen mainly depends […]

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