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Looking for kitchen renovations in Camberwell?

Ms&Mr Kitchens know how important it is to make a kitchen renovation stress-free and enjoyable. We’ll take you from concept and design all the way through to delivery and installation with a proven step by step process. With multiple styling options and Australia's most complete manufacturing plant we’ll make sure your layout and materials meet your needs resulting in the kitchen of your dreams, on time and on budget.

A Gorgeous Kitchen for Your Camberwell Home

Get a gorgeous kitchen to match your modern home! Meet the team at Ms&Mr Kitchens when your kitchen needs a complete makeover. Our professionals are highly recommended in Camberwell for their exceptional service and commitment. Once we’re done renovating your kitchen, it’ll give a sense of completeness to your home..

If you’re looking for kitchen renovations, we’re the right team for the job. We’ll design a kitchen for you that completely suits your home and also has a modern touch to it. Do you want any specific design in your kitchen? Relay your designs to us and we’ll do our best to incorporate it so that your kitchen reflects your personality in the end..

Many times, homeowners try to save on costs by handling the kitchen renovations on their own. But this can turn out to be expensive in the future if they don’t have the needed experience as the faults on the work might come up over the years. Our team is experienced and has worked on various projects since 2003..

Get a complete kitchen makeover right away with the experts at Ms&Mr Kitchens. We’ll handle the entire renovation process for you, from the design till the installation. You’re sure to receive superior-quality work at an affordable price when you work with us.

Rely on Custom Kitchen Cabinet Experts for a Spacious Kitchen

No matter the size of the kitchen, it can always be made to look more spacious without compromising on the storage capacity. In fact, the storage capacity can also be increased if you find that you don’t have enough space in your kitchen. Hire us for our cabinetry work and you’ll get a kitchen that is spacious and also able to meet your storage requirements.

Choosing a cabinet is not an easy task as it needs to go with the look of your home. We have our own cabinet factory where we can custom design your cabinets as well as provide our own designs. You’ll get top-quality cabinetry services that are second to none when you choose to work with us.

Check Out Our Kitchen Showroom in Camberwell Right Away

If you are unsure about the various types of kitchen designs or you want a new look for your kitchen, make your way to our showroom in Camberwell right away! We have a wide range of design options that will broaden your ideas or will help you decide which design from our existing ones will best suit your home.

Get in touch with the skilled team of Ms&Mr Kitchens right away for all your kitchen remodelling needs. You’ll get all the materials delivered to your doorstep and you can rely on us to finish the work within the specified deadline. Call us today on 03 9078 5258 or visit our showroom to speak to our staff.

1402 Toorak Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124
Ph: (03) 9078 5858
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Show Rooms

Bentleigh Showroom
Location : 490 Centre Road,
Bentleigh, Vic, 3204
Telephone : (61) 3 9942 5594
Email : bentleigh@msnmr.com.au

Blackburn Showroom
Location : 87 Whitehorse rd,
Blackburn, Vic 3130
Telephone : (61) 3 9878 9610
Email : blackburn@msnmr.com.au

Camberwell Showroom
Location : 1402 Toorak Road
Camberwell, VIC, 3124
Telephone : (61) 3 9078 5858
Fax : (61) 3 9078 5258
Email : camberwell@msnmr.com.au

Chadstone Showroom
Location : 1360 Dandenong Road,
Hughesdale, Vic, 3166
Telephone : (61) 3 9569 0411
Fax : (61) 3 9569 9411
Email : chadstone@msnmr.com.au

Head Office
Location : 52 Buckland Street,
Clayton, Vic 3168
Telephone : (61) 3 9543 1103
Fax : (61) 3 9544 1574
Email : info@msnmr.com.au


Get up to $25000* for Your Next Renovation

The Australian government has announced a stimulus of up to $25,000 for eligible singles and couples planning to build or renovate homes between June and the end of December. Enter your contact information below for a free consultation on how you can redeem this grant with MS&MR Kitchens.

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