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At MS&MR Kitchens, we understand that the kitchen is the heart of every home. As it is the most important room that can significantly affect the resale value of a home, people tend to invest a lot into kitchen upgrades. Kitchens set the tone for the entire home and it brings in a certain sense of personality into space. While they serve the purpose of providing meals, they also contribute towards the complete experience of a home. In other words, they help transform a house into a home. The difference between a mediocre day and a fantastic day can sometimes be the presence of an inspiring space. Most often than not, small upgrades can go a long way for those who do not wish to refurbish the entire kitchen space. You can significantly transform the mood of your kitchen by simply changing the cabinets or redoing countertops.

Our talented kitchen designers believe that your kitchen should both reflect your personality as well as serve your functionality. Hence, we create innovative and elegant design solutions to create a perfect space that can provide you with a sense of belonging. We are passionate about creating beautiful cupboards designs for kitchen that are tailored to your demands and budget. Quality is a fundamental requisite – our constant research is combined with involving innovative materials that are characterized by ergonomic as well as practical solutions. Our team of experts aims to achieve our brand policy that is committed at focusing on the continuous improvement of services. And this is done by choosing to work meticulously to prioritize client satisfaction.

Kitchen cupboards are the backbone of a modern kitchen, and it is the part that demands maximum attention. Their kitchen cupboard installation can either be a pricy affair or a reasonable one depending on the materials and style you want. It serves the purpose of both organization and storage. Once, you finalize the basic layout of the kitchen, the next focus area is that of the kitchen cupboards. We believe that it is the duty of a qualified interior designer to provide clients with ideas and designs for kitchen cupboard installations, which can both minimize costs as well as maximize the utilization of space. It is important to know that there are three basic categories of kitchen cabinetry. They each serve important functions and, together, they can make your life in the kitchen an easier one. Given below are the three categories:

Base Kitchen Cupboards

Base kitchen cupboards are positioned directly on the floor and they set the footprint of the kitchen design. The countertop is laid atop these cabinets to act as a support system for the countertops. Other facilities, such as the sink and dishwasher, can also be installed within these base cupboards. It is important to understand that base kitchen cupboards are versatile in nature because they house several kinds of cabinets such as pull-outs, think drawers, Lazy Susans, shelved cabinets, etc. In fact, it is practically impossible to build a kitchen without them because they serve the most important function of defining the floor plan or layout of your kitchen. Hence, it is often seen that base cupboards are the most expensive type of kitchen cabinets.

Main storage purpose: A wide range of crockery, cutlery, appliances, utensils, and other items can be stored in these spacious kitchen storage cupboards. Thus, they constitute for the majority part of the kitchen.

Wall Kitchen Cupboards

Like the name suggests, wall kitchen cupboards are those cabinets that are mounted on the wall with the help of screws. These can be the most appealing decorative element in your kitchen. Hence, they serve the purpose of setting a certain tone to your kitchen, which speaks about your personal style rather than just providing storage. These wall kitchen cupboards can also be extended towards the height of the ceiling to store items that are not used frequently. It is often advised to invest relatively less on base cupboards and invest more on other elements such as glass inserts on the door, carvings on doors, and lighting inside the cabinet, which will make the wall cupboards looks more elaborate.

Main storage purpose:These are generally used to store all your food items or kitchen appliances and accessories that are not too bulky.

Tall Kitchen Cupboards

These are otherwise known as kitchen pantry cupboards or utility cabinets. Often, it is seen that tall kitchen cupboards can either extend from the floor to the ceiling or can be free-standing pieces. You will never be short of storage space if you accommodate a tall cabinet because they serve specific functional purpose. These are generally used to organize unmanageable items. However, with some technical help, you can also accommodate appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves within these cabinets. It is often advised to have your bottom two drawers removed to make space for installing these appliances.

Main storage purpose:These storage cupboards for kitchens are used to store cleaning items, bulk food supplies, and other appliances such as microwaves and ovens.

Overhead Kitchen Cupboards In Melbourne

Be it contemporary, traditional, modern, or some other style, it’s important to understand that cupboards form the skeletal structure of every kitchen. They not only contribute to the overall appearance of the kitchen, but they are also extremely vital in terms of catering functionality and purpose. Just refurbishing your kitchen with some of the latest overhead kitchen cupboard designs can completely change its tone. Even modern home kitchens have utilitarian spaces that are kept hidden away. However, contemporary kitchens are designed to be more aesthetically pleasing while being functional. Some of the crucial factors to consider while designing an overhead cupboard for your kitchen are its designs, quantity, placement, dimensions, etc.

The following are a few tips formulated by our team of experts at MS&MR Kitchens that you should consider if you are about to get the kitchen in your home newly designed or refurbished:

1) Minimalism is key
The look of the kitchen can be streamlined if you ensure the presence of only few overhead cupboards. This will allow the space to seem more open, airy, and uncluttered. It is also important to realise that keeping small kitchen cupboard displays can free up space, and can be used to display photographs or wall arts, thus giving character to the room. Open shelves can also let you showcase your favourite cutlery.
2) Ensuring Accessibility
More accessibility is typically ensured by choosing drawers instead of just cupboards at the lower storage. Kitchen drawers provide you access to all items, especially those at the very back, without having the need to bend down like you would with solid cupboards.
3) Utilizing Frosted & Plain Glass on Doors
You can create a sense of openness without having everything out in the open if you choose to have glass doors for your latest kitchen cupboard design, while maintaining a light as well as elegant look. For this, you can choose between frosted and plain glass doors (or a combination of both). While you can store crockery or display items in overhead cupboard in kitchen with doors made of plain glass, frosted glass can be used to store items that are not always great to look at. Using frosted glass on doors will give the kitchen an aesthetic appeal without putting everything on show. Installing spotlights inside such cupboards can further level-up the aesthetics of the kitchen space by making the space seem brighter.
4) Mirrored Glass Door
Including mirrored glass doors on your latest kitchen cupboard design is another game-changing alternative. As designers, we know that using mirrors at different rooms and corners of homes will make small spaces seem large. The same principle can be used in kitchen to fulfill the same purpose. They provide the kitchen spaces with a hint of sophistication.
5) Include Open Shelves
Provided you have a collection of great looking dishware, cookware, statement art pieces etc, open shelving is an especially great option for kitchen cupboard displays. You can add a hint of your personality into your kitchen space by doing so. However, you should balance out the look by keeping the rest of the kitchen understated and minimalistic.
6) Choosing Optimal Material for Overhead Kitchen Cupboards

Many kitchen designers, architects, and homeowners opt for solid wood as one of the main materials in a residence. However, we already know that solid wood contracts and expands, hence it’s not always the best solution for flooring applications, kitchen cupboards, or countertops. Engineered wood products are usually used instead because they are both reliable as well as come at a much lower price. The most widely used material to construct kitchen cupboards is Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF), particleboard with melamine, plywood, and sometimes stainless steel. Apart from just providing aesthetic qualities, these materials also give structural strength to the overhead kitchen cupboards.

From pantry kitchen cupboard to overhead ones, if you require any kitchen layouts and design solutions to complement your cooking style, colour combinations, and materials, do get in touch with our team of experts at MS&MR Kitchens. Reach us at You can also contact us on 03 9543 1103.

If you require any kitchen layouts and design solutions, which will complement your cooking style, colour combinations, and materials, do get in touch with our team of experts at MS&MR Kitchens. Reach us at You can also contact us on 03 9543 1103.

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