Modern Kitchen Splashback In Melbourne

Our team of experts at MS&MR Kitchens can provide you with a variety of options for kitchen splashbacks that will adhere to both your design specifications as well as budget constraints. We understand the importance of splashbacks in kitchen renovations. Given below are some of the options of modern splashbacks for kitchens available at our stores in Melbourne:
1. Tiled Splashbacks
Tiled splashbacks are some of the most traditional splashbacks. They are available in a vast array of sizes, colours, shapes, prices, and materials. The existence of a wide range of options ensures that you will always find modern kitchen splashback tiles that cater to your personal taste. They are mostly used in French Provincial or Hampton styles. However, they are equally suitable in more modern kitchens. Some examples of tiles for kitchen splashbacks are as follows:
Metro tiles

Over recent years, metro tiles have become something of a design classic, and with good reason. They can help you achieve a timeless look, and you can easily jazz them up with grey grout, or by experimenting with different layout styles.

Patterned Tiles

There are some incredible designs with Spanish, Moroccan, and Portuguese influences. It is vital to understand that some clay and concrete tiles will require sealing against water ingress before they are installed in a kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Splashback In Melbourne
2. Glass Splashback
These are an incredibly versatile as well as popular choice. It is important to understand that they are custom manufactured to fit your kitchen’s dimensions and are hence pricier. They also offer a hygienic, grout-free, durable, seam-free, sleek, and modern look. Glass kitchen splashbacks can give a feeling of space and light to the room due to their reflective quality. In addition to great looks, they can also be made in any colour you desire. There are several options to choose from that range from eye-catching, bold shades to more subtle, muted hues. Glass splashbacks can also have shimmery or metallic finishes. You can install LED lighting behind a glass splashback to elevate the overall tone of your kitchen.
3. Acrylic Splashbacks
Acrylic splashbacks are used when you want the look of glass at a lower price point. They are durable and are usually installed as a single sheet, which gives you a modern and seamless look. Though they don’t stand up to heat, another material such as stainless steel can be used in the area, which is directly around the cooktop. Additionally, acrylic kitchen splashbacks can resist most scratches because they can be easily buffed out using fine grades of dry and wet sandpaper.
4. Solid Surface Splashback
Some solid surface splashbacks are products such as Staron, Corian, LG HI-MACS etc. They are popular for their superior hygienic features. Corian is a type of solid surface material made from a mixture of natural minerals and resin. They are available in a large range of solid colour finishes as well as in natural stone finishes such as that of marble or granite. Additionally, thekitchen splashback board and benchtop can be moulded as a single piece, which make the splashback more hygienic. Like other splashbacks, Corian cannot stand up to direct heat.
5. Laminate Splashbacks
These are used for achieving consistency of colour tones in your kitchen. Moreover, you can choose the same benchtop laminate as your kitchen splashback board or you can also choose a contrasting pattern or colour or stone lookalike. They are available in a vast range of patterns, colours, and finishes. Since they are at the lower end of the price scale, laminate kitchen splashbacks are ideal for those with lower budgets. However, there can be some size limitations associated with the lengths and behind of cooktops. It is also important to know that a lot of care is required to maintain these splashbacks.
6. Marble and Granite Splashbacks
Stone splashbacks are fabulous additions to the right kitchen. By using marble and granite splashbacks, you can surely achieve a unique look. This is because they are natural stones and they have varied colours and patterns, becoming a focal point of your kitchen. Stone also gives a seamless, sleek, and grout-free look. However, it is vital to remember that natural stone is porous and therefore requires extra care. Granite or marble splashbacks need to be sealed to protect its surface. You must also avoid cleaning products that are acidic or abrasive at all costs. Furthermore, the classic as well as luxurious look of the stone splashback is usually hard to beat.
7. Manmade Reconstituted Stone Splashbacks
Manmade reconstituted stone splashbacks are more durable than marble and granite splashbacks. They are available in a wide variety of finishes and colours, which basically implies that you are more likely to find something that suits your specific needs. Whether you need a traditional or modern kitchen splashback, a fabricated stone splashback can be customised for the same.
8. Stainless Steel Splashbacks
Stainless steel splashbacks are typically used in commercial kitchens. They are affordable, durable, resistant to heat, and quite easy to clean. All these advantages make stainless steel a good option in residential kitchens as well. They are usually seen in more modern, industrial style kitchens.
9. Mirrored Splashbacks
Mirrored kitchen splashback is typically used when you want the room to seem bigger and brighter. This modern kitchen splashback is one of the many techniques professional kitchen designers use to create an elevated sense of space. For such splashbacks, we typically use specially reinforced mirrors that are more durable and have the capability to withstand heat. These mirrors are available in many finishes such as smoke grey, silver, or bronze. They are chosen with regards to the lighting in the kitchen.
10. Window Splashback
A modern kitchen window splashback is another great option for optimising natural light to make the kitchen seem bigger. In the right environment, using a window as a splashback can turn out to be highly effective. However, for this kind of kitchen splashback board, it is vital that you must consider structural considerations, such as the view from the window itself.

Best Tiles For Kitchen Splashback In Melbourne

One can change the tone of a kitchen by simply bringing about small changes such as refurbishing cabinet doors, countertops, or even splashbacks, without having to change the entire layout of the kitchen. At MS&MR Kitchens, we provide you with a myriad of options for choosing kitchen splashbacks. We understand that they are an essential component for all kitchen renovations. Kitchen tiled splashbacks are perhaps some of the most traditional splashbacks. They are available in a vast array of sizes, colours, shapes, prices, and materials. Given below are some basic things that you should consider while choosing a kitchen splashback tile online:

You should ensure that all the kitchen elements such as countertops and cabinetry must coordinate with the colour of the tile used for kitchen splashback. Our designers look at the overall colour scheme of your kitchen and see how the choice of tile will complement the same. You can always choose to decide whether the tile will be the statement feature of the kitchen or just another complementing feature.


We have tiles with unconventional shapes for clients who prefer minimalistic and muted colour tones. Including such tiles in kitchen splashbacks is a great way of adding an element of contrast or interest. Therefore, this is an effective way of making the splashback a statement feature without having to use bright or dark colours.


The choice of your tile is greatly affected by size of the area of splashback. It is important to understand that using large tiles in small area can create the illusion of the kitchen splashback being smaller than its actual size. Hence, you must avoid using large tiles in small areas at all costs.


Apart from just having the choice of tile colour, our clients also have a myriad of choices when it comes to grout. Surprisingly enough, it is one of the most important choices when you refurbish your kitchen. It is important to know that the choice of grout has the capability to completely change the look of your kitchen. Our experts have spent many hours discussing grout colours with clients. It is important to understand that using a black grout will accentuate the patterns. Hence, it must be paired with more neutral looking elements such as cabinets and countertops.

Our team of experts at MS&MR Kitchens would love to answer all your concerns and queries. Contact us on 03 9543 1103. You can also mail us at You can also visit one of our showrooms in Melbourne to personally see some of the terrific kitchen splashback options.

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