Affordable Custom Kitchen Cabinets in Melbourne

A trusted partner for custom-built and cheap kitchen cabinets, MS&MR Kitchens is one of the best companies in Melbourne that provides cabinets that are not only of high quality but also inspired by a true sense of style. Our kitchen cabinets are created with careful consideration for longevity, performance, and utility. The engineering of our custom kitchen cabinets is done keeping in mind these points.

We also provide a lifetime warranty for all our kitchen cabinets in Melbourne, making us the go-to source for designer kitchen cabinets online. Our custom kitchen cabinet installation team also ensures that kitchen cabinet doors and levers are built smoothly and perfectly.

To bring stylish and sturdy kitchen cabinet designs to our clients, our professional staff uses the finest quality construction materials, including a particleboard that is moisture resistant to ensure maximum reliability in wet areas. Our custom-made kitchen cabinet doors come in several designs and patterns, enabling you to build a wide range of kitchen cabinets in Melbourne limited only by your imagination.

Modern Kitchen Design

Our company is well known for its quality joinery design, sourcing, and installation. We take great pride in our work. From small residential to massive industrial facilities, we are devoted to completing each project on schedule and on budget.

We work with a host of respected construction contractors, architecture services, and manufacturers in a range of areas to provide our clients with complete solution for their design needs. With comprehensive knowledge of cabinetry and awareness of core design concepts, we will help our customers create their dream kitchen from the ground up. Whether it be new, contemporary, semi-traditional, country, or French regional, we will provide you with expert advice and design to fit your budget.

To make the process more informative and reliable, we provide a free quotation process that involves calculation, configuration, and consultation before we can give an accurate price in advance of your pledge. During these sessions, our cabinet designers will go over specific topics such as the kitchen cabinet structure, components, hardware, finishing, and production methods to give you a full overview of the goods and services you are receiving. As suppliers, we have full descriptions on expenses for inventory, labour, or machine hour, where all costs are entirely traceable. We agree that a rigorous working attitude, thorough expertise, utter quality, and friendly service are the secret to any profitable company.

We not only offer affordable kitchen cabinets, but also makes sure of other provisions such as:
Our kitchen cabinets available online are also provided in various settings and in various styles like modern, classic, country, or European style, among others. For your modern kitchen, you can also incorporate a bit of an industry-style kitchen for longer durability.
We encourage our customers to DIY as much as they can from design, assembly, and installation to optimize cost savings without affecting the quality of the finish. This will suit a wide variety of individuals, including young families, investment property owners, home renovators, and homebuilders. Many of our goods have been customized with Australian finish. Our manufacturing and purchasing powers help us to keep the cost of production to a minimum and, because of our high turnover, we have a good purchasing power with our suppliers. This policy also refers to our equipment and many other accessories. Our quality services are a huge part of our contribution to satisfaction of customers. Specialising in the production of high-quality custom built in kitchen cabinets with our new technology, competent builder, trustworthy, and seasoned cabinet maker, we are proud of our products and services from start to finish.

Overhead Kitchen Cabinets in Melbourne

When it comes to overhead kitchen cabinet designs, there are many options that are offered by MS&MR Kitchens. You may have handles or no handles or you can simply start with a swinging hinged door. If you determine that you do not want the handles in them, there are two choices.

The first is to provide a finger channel or a recess within the bottom of the door. This means that the door of your overhead kitchen cabinet will be unlocked manually and will be soft closed when pressed shut. This device fits best anywhere there is nothing immediately below this cabinet, i.e., over a cooktop. The second choice for a handle-less look is “push-release” or “tip-on.” This operates by using a magnet and spring mechanism, which ensures that the door opens when pushed. To lock, the door must be pushed to shut by hand. No soft-close operates for this feature.

The next choice is Aventos, created by Blum. This is a hinge lift mechanism that enables the door to rest over the head. It could have a single panel or a double panel on the front, depending on the hinge mechanism being used. The height of the lift can also be modified to allow for various ceilings and bulkheads. There are also a variety of different types of hinges that all function differently so that Aventos can meet all conditions and needs. You can choose your Aventos cabinet with or without handles. There are two choices for a handle-less style in an overhead kitchen cabinet. The first one operates with the finger channel or recess. The second one is simply electrical and operates with a quick click. Pressing the front of the door brings the panel up to the adjusted height and can be locked by pressing a lever. This electrical device is called a servo-drive.

Not only do kitchen cabinets have plenty of storage space, but they also give a tidy and refined look with everything pleasant and orderly.

Small Kitchen Renovation

Moreover, overhead kitchen cabinets offer a lot of advantages. These clean and compact-looking kitchen cabinets often give the kitchen a finished appearance without taking up much space and giving more storage option. The dark kitchen cabinets can be personalised and stylised to suit your tastes and still leave the kitchens to look clean and ordered.

Based on the design of the overhead kitchen cabinet, as well as the hardware used, the cabinets may have a more conventional, minimal palate. This is the perfect choice if what you have in mind is a more coherent and detailed look.You can also view our kitchen cabinet options online to get an idea of the kind of kitchen cabinets we provide.

We have the combination of world-class technology and Australian-sourced materials. Each kitchen cabinet is custom-made to your specifications. From the smooth close of our kitchen cabinet doors to the high-quality hardware used on it, our workmanship is reflected in every part of your cabinetry. . To ensure complete customer satisfaction, our expert designers offer a 3D model of the ideal kitchen cabinet style. We provide you with some kitchen cabinet designs that will suit your home.

To learn more about the high-quality products at MS&MR Kitchens and our friendly services, you can contact us on 03 9543 1103. We have showrooms in Bentleigh, Blackburn, Camberwell, Chadstone, and Hawthorn about which you can learn more on our website
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