Design Ideas for Your Storage Solutions

As much as we love a big spacious home, the cost of living spaces are expensive. Many of us accumulate innumerable items despite having limited storage space. However, there are other solutions. Each house has unused/wasted spaces that often go completely unnoticed. At MS&MR Kitchens, we strive to help each customer maximise their home space so that they can live in utmost comfort.

Under the stairs’ space is used to store a large number of items. You can install a line of drawers to store shoes, bags, coats, small electronic items, etc. You could also convert it into a single storage unit by installing sturdy cabinet doors custom made for that space. This allows you to store your toddler’s toys, bicycles, etc. Even the smallest corner in the garage can be put to good use. Mounting sturdy shelves vertically on garage walls gives you more ground spaces. Be sure to see if you have any free corners you can use.

Custom cabinets under beds can store blankets, cushions, bedsheets, etc. Kitchen space can also be put to smart use. Is there some space between the fridge and the adjoining counter? Be sure to advise your MS&MR Kitchens designer that you would like to maximise your storage and efficiency.

We at MS&MR Kitchens are ready to build any joinery to ensure functionality and comfort. Our designers evaluate your home space to identify potential storage spaces. The best aspect of custom-built storage is that you have complete control over the design and colour scheme to match your home. Also, you will have our promise and guarantee of quality since we use the best Australian and European made materials and hardware.

Moreover, our experts install these cabinets with care, making sure they are structurally sound while increasing the standard of your living and the value of your home. Want some ideas on how to maximise your home space? Call our designers now to see what best suit your needs.

Ideas for Your Storage Solutions
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