Types of Entertainment Units for TV and Other Home Entertainment

It is essential to consider the aesthetics of your home as well as the style that best suits your needs before setting up your entertainment unit. You can choose from several options such as TV consoles, TV armoires and full-fledged entertainment walls. At MS&MR Kitchens, we aim to provide a custom-built home entertainment unit to ease the process.

If you have a small collection of movies, speakers, DVDs etc, then a TV stand would be perfect for you. Not only does it save space, but it is also very easy to maintain. TV armoires come with closable doors, which ensures cleanliness and reduces dust accumulation. This provides an organised space for your TV and movie needs and reduces cluttering. If you have a collection of movies, game consoles, and many entertainment gadgets, the entertainment wall is a cabinet style made specifically for you. Other than a large TV space/projecting space, there can be open shelves, glass cabinets, and storing cabinets surrounding the TV, providing you with maximum storage space. You can also pick up features such as downlight, LED channel, and Timber battens. You can fit the entire cabinet with panel or stone, so all storage spaces are seamless. The entertainment walls can be built-in and customised to suit your room’s area.

Entertainment Units for TV

Why Custom Build Your Entertainment Unit?

Off-the-shelf cabinets, though convenient, are often produced on a mass scale. This means that your personal storage needs are neglected, leaving you with a slightly dissatisfied feeling after the purchase. Furthermore, mass-produced cabinetry is less likely to be the perfect size, so the space left once it is installed could make it look like cheap furniture. On the other hand, custom-built entertainment units will tie into the overall design concept of your home with the right features to enhance your entertainment experience.
Moreover, electronics, the electrical wiring, etc. can get messy. Not only does a custom entertainment unit boost functionality by hiding what you don’t want to see, but it also is a lasting investment. As these are crafted from high-quality materials, custom-built cabinets last much longer. This reduces the risk of tacky shelves, which may give way under the weight of your electronics. And there’s another great perk! Such custom cabinets increase the resale value of your home.

How Does an Entertainment Unit Improve Your Home Decor?

One great advantage of such cabinets is that they blend with your home decor, adding finesse. You can select from a range of colours and materials for your entertainment unit. Store-bought cabinets of sizes are usually too big or small for your items. Customised TV cabinets cater to your storage requirements while allowing you to include additional features, such as extra lights etc. You can comfortably watch your favourite movies curled up on the couch instead of wadding out into the cold, windy street and into a crowded movie theatre. Call our experts at MS&MR Kitchens now to order your own customised entertainment unit.

Types of Study Areas and Its Different Uses and Purposes

While designing a study area, it is essential to prioritise these three things: space, functionality, and purpose. At MS&MR Kitchens, we craft quality custom study cabinets and spaces for each customer. Whether you want to create a study room for your young one or a home office for increased productivity, there are several study area designs to cater for your needs:

  • Small space: If you are pressed for space, don’t feel disheartened. You could convert a cabinet space into a study area by customising a small desk and chair, along with lights. It can be transformed into a neat study with a minimalistic design if you have an empty corner.
  • Loft: Often used as storage rooms, this space is not effectively used. Why not change that into a study space? It serves as a perfect space for entrepreneurs and work-from-home individuals.
  • A dedicated room: If you have a spare room, consider changing it into your own study space or home office. You can easily add cabinets lined in one corner and a wide desk and chair to facilitate your productivity.
  • Integrate it with other rooms: If you are short of space, consider merging your study with other rooms. For instance, you can easily dedicate one corner of your living room or an attachment to the kitchen for your study.
Designing a study area
Custom Build Your Study Area

Why Custom Build Your Study Area?

There are several established study area designs in the market. Establishing a study in your home takes time, effort, and money. Hence, instead of opting for set study designs, consider a custom-built study for your specific needs.

Here are a few reasons to consider:

  • Style: Your study space is going to be used by you. So, why not design it to your style? Most set designs disregard designs that facilitate your workflow. Certain colour schemes and designs encourage one’s productivity while others can distract. These are highly dependent on an individual’s personality. Custom building your study allows your creativity to flow.
  • Optimising your current space: Off-the-shelf study tables / cabinets aren’t aware of your home space. However, custom building a home study will allow you to optimise your living quarters. This will integrate your study area into your home instead of a tacky, store-bought addition.
  • Worthy investment: Though set study designs are more budget-friendly, they are generally designed to be temporarily placed and thrown out when moving. Custom building your study ensures high-quality materials are used for the purpose. This lends durability to your study, which is a smarter option in the long run.

How Does Your Study Area Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home?

Each house has a different decor. Custom building your study allows you to see which design is in sync with your home. For instance, if your house is built with a Scandinavian design, a study that uses woodgrain features would complement the entire design. Our experts strive to ensure that our customers receive study designs that organically integrate with their home space.

Call the team at MS&MR Kitchens today to discuss your designs for the study and entertainment area.

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