Creating a Functional Yet Spacious Laundry Room

Many people underestimate the use of a laundry room. Most think that it is just a washing machine with a sink. However, as more appliances and products become available to help with your laundry, it makes sense to have a well thought out laundry area. It keeps the chore more organised, which is excellent for hygiene.

The primary purpose of having a laundry room or a laundry area is to have your chores done more effectively while keeping high levels of hygiene. Not only do you keep your dirty clothes, washing detergent, mop, broom, and vacuum cleaner, you also temporarily store clean clothes for folding. Having dedicated areas for storage and work would increase hygiene and make your everyday tasks much more enjoyable.

Functional Yet Spacious Laundry Room

Aspects to Consider Before Designing Your Laundry Room

However, when designing your laundry room, there are various aspects that you need to keep in mind:
Functionality, safety & hygiene

Just creating a laundry space is not enough if it does not help you work effectively. While designing the area, you need to ensure that all the shelves are easy to use and operate and chemicals are kept away from children. MS&MR Kitchens can help you design your laundry cabinets and shelves, keeping your needs and work process in mind. Also, all areas should be appropriately spaced with dedicated areas for appliances and items such as laundry baskets and ironing boards.


Cost is one of the significant factors in designing your laundry room. Depending on your budget, our team at MS&MR Kitchens can help you create the best laundry room since most households require functionality and hardwearing over the finish. Ask about the different options that we provide.


Usually, a small area of the house, where your washing machine is placed, is converted into a laundry area / room. Whether it is a smaller laundry area that is part of your bathroom or kitchen or a separate room, the design of the laundry room is vital as it needs to blend with the rest of the home décor.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Designs in Melbourne

A vanity cabinet is usually the centrepiece of a bathroom. It provides storage in the bathroom, hides the plumbing, and leads the overall style of the renovation through its colour and finish. Depending on the requirement, there are many ways a vanity cabinet could be done.

When you host guests in your home, a bathroom vanity creates a great first impression of your home as you can keep all the necessities that a guest would need in the vanity and on the space around the sink, making it more convenient for the guest. It also increases the visual appeal of your bathroom over the added functionality.

You cannot adjust the size of your bathroom in an already built house without resorting to some significant bathroom remodelling. However, you can change the feel of the space with a good vanity design. A vanity cabinet can increase the storage space without cramping up the area. Our vanity designers at MS&MR Kitchens can help you design your bathroom vanity after judging the space available. We can also provide you with a 3D model of the project as part of the consultation before deciding to work with us.

Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Designs in Melbourne

What to Look for When You Design Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets​


Depending on the type of vanity you select, your bathroom routine can be made more accessible. Vanities can be done with traditional cabinetry or as drawers. Other compartments such as towel racks or open shelves are also possibilities. Wall cabinets with mirrors are a good option for storage. When recessed into the wall, they can create a simple and streamline look. LEDs are also an excellent addition to lighting up the mirror while avoiding a light reflection from the bathroom light. Our designers can give you the best advice for what works for you.


Depending on the colour, finish, and bench material, we can offer you a product that suits your overall budget. We only source our materials from trusted Australian manufacturers like Formica and Laminex to make the vanities. We also use hardware from Blum to ensure that the vanity is sturdily built. You will get a detailed quote for your vanity design before we begin the project and you make any commitment with us.


Designing a bathroom needs careful thinking as it needs to match the décor of your home too. You can go for a minimalist bathroom design to give more space along with the least clutter by creating more storage space. Else, you can go for a more shaker/provincial plan to match your vintage design. Whatever style you are looking for, please discuss with your showroom manager, and they will advise on what is feasible.

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