Reviving the Beauty of Your Kitchen with Kitchen Resurfacing in Melbourne

The highlight of any household is the kitchen. Over time, however, with heat, light, and daily use, kitchen cabinets, benchtops, and other surfaces start giving way. The paint starts chipping, the hinges go creaky, the benchtop has cuts, and overall, the lustre of the kitchen begins to fade.

Most homeowners believe that the only solution to bring a breath of fresh air to the area is a full-fledged renovation. Complete renovation, however, costs quite a hefty sum of money. Could there be another solution? Of course! Kitchen resurfacing is the perfect way to revitalise your kitchen space in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

So, what is kitchen resurfacing?

Kitchen resurfacing means that our trained experts will measure, design, and replace all your existing doors, panels, and benchtops for the existing kitchen. This will ensure that your kitchen cabinets stay sturdy and their surfaces remain durable. Kitchen benchtop resurfacing allows you to have a strong and visually stunning benchtop, making your time in the kitchen productive and hassle-free.

No matter how strong the original kitchen materials are, over time, they undergo wear and tear, and kitchen resurfacing is a cost-effective method of giving your kitchen a makeover while extending the lifespan of the existing cabinets. The last thing you need to worry about is the durability of the kitchen space. Whether you desire to capture a sleek, modern look or recreate the more traditional, welcoming atmosphere in your cooking space, kitchen resurfacing could be the solution.

Looking for Kitchen Resurfacing Experts for Your Benchtops and Cabinetry?

Being a cabinetry and stone manufacture, MS&MR Kitchens understands every detail about joinery. Our experienced showroom designers can advise you on the dos and don’ts related to kitchen cabinet and benchtops resurfacing, from the structure to the surface material. Although resurfacing is relatively cost-effective compared to brand new, customers must understand that depending on the structure, material, and amount of labour involved for modification, the cost could vary.

Before we start with the resurfacing process, we will perform an on-site consultation and evaluate the cost of resurfacing your kitchen. You will get a detailed quote of how each cent is well spent. You can count on us to use only top-quality materials from leading Australian suppliers for your kitchen resurfacing project.

Kitchen With Kitchen Resurfacing
Our Melbourne Cabinet Refacing

Our Melbourne Cabinet Refacing Process

Before jumping in and replacing kitchen cabinet doors, it is advisable to consider these questions to save you time and money in the long run:

  1. Is the storage capacity and layout of the kitchen suitable for your needs? 
  2. Are cabinets in a structurally sound condition? 
  3. Are your cabinets made of materials that can be resurfaced? 
  4. Are the structure of your cabinets suitable for what you want? 
  5. Is the bench space enough for your needs? 
  6. Do you want to add new hardware such as a pull out bin or pantry?
  7. Can all panel fillers be changed? If not, is it okay to not replace them?

Our experts analyse your cabinet condition to determine the exact needs of your kitchen. Kitchen resurfacing is a service requiring in-depth knowledge of the process along with years of experience. Due to the intricate process, most businesses refrain from providing kitchen resurfacing services. If not completed with care, the results can prove to be disastrous. Our designers will advise customers of precisely the process and cost involved with refacing your kitchen cabinet door, cupboard, and benchtop.

Kitchen resurfacing is not just a simple, straightforward process. At MS&MR Kitchens, we believe in passion, integrity, as well as transparency with our customers: 

  1. The existing doors, panels, and benchtops need to be carefully analysed and planned for removal and replacement. 
  2. Some old kitchens are not built to today’s safety regulations, which means some adjustments may need to be made. 
  3. All existing parts need to be measured to the millimetre, and sometimes, they need to be adjusted slightly to even out door gaps
  4. New doors are drawn and manufactured using the customer’s chosen material
  5. The doors, panels, and benchtops are installed with new hardware. 
  6. Sometimes, the benchtop needs to be done as a separate process if there are changes in panel thickness and cut out positioning. 

What next? Admire your new kitchen and cook a fantastic meal with your mind at ease. Durability and safety are aspects that are of prime importance to our experts. We aim to provide quality service according to the needs and budget requirements of our customers.

Benefits of Kitchen Resurfacing:

Many homeowners are still unaware that they need not undergo an entire kitchen renovation to have their kitchen as good as new. Here are the major benefits of kitchen resurfacing procedures in common houses: 1. Cost-effective alternative: Resurfacing your kitchen can save up to 30-60% in monetary terms. Much of these also come from fewer trades involved in the work. Hence, it had always been a popular choice amongst homeowners. However, due to the complexity and variation in price, many ended up redoing the entire kitchen. Kitchen resurfacing can be a value for money choice to make by extending the lifespan of the existing kitchen. 2. Time saver: Complete kitchen renovations require a long time from start to finish. Kitchen resurfacing, however, takes comparatively lesser time. If the structure and the state of the kitchen are in good condition, this can further speed up the resurfacing process. 3. The hassle of cabinet replacement: It takes a lot of time and effort to replace the entire kitchen as many trades, such as electrician, plumber, tiler, plasterer, and painters, are involved. However, our experts at MS&MR Kitchens can replace kitchen cabinets, handles, hinges, doors, panels, and benchtops to achieve a nearly new kitchen look at a fraction of the cost. 4. Kitchen remains usable: One of the most significant inconveniences that homeowners face is the total shutdown of the kitchen during the renovation period. However, kitchen resurfacing takes lesser time compared to a complete renovation.
  • Increases the value of your home: If you plan on selling your house, did you know that resurfacing your kitchen can add thousands of dollars’ worth to your property at a minimal price? Updating your kitchen via resurfacing will amp up the value of your home, fetching you the better end of the bargain.
  • Old tiles look anew:  Cooking can be messy. Splatters of food, gravy, as well as heat give kitchen tiles a tired look. Resurfacing splashback is a great option to consider as it becomes easier to clean splatters in the kitchen.
  • Changing Bench Appliances: Changing the benchtop is an excellent opportunity for you to change your old bench appliances and sink. Many issues on the cabinets or countertops can be rectified during the kitchen resurfacing process.
Kitchen Resurfacing

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding kitchen resurfacing:

Usually, the components involved are doors, panels, fillers, kicker fronts, hardware, benchtops, and splashbacks. However, each kitchen is different. Have our designers visit your home to give you a customised solution of which parts of what is possible. This, again, may save you a significant chunk of your hard-earned money.

Being a cost-effective option for most homeowners, the process of kitchen resurfacing can save our customers up to between 30-60%. However, this could differ slightly due to the individual needs of each kitchen and the vision of the homeowner.

The average costs of MS&MR Kitchens are generally between $18000 – $28000 AUD. However, the figure would largely depend on the size of the kitchen, the complexity of the cabinet structure, and the material & hardware chosen.

The manufacturing of a new kitchen would take between 3-5 weeks, depending on the material. Cabinetry installation would take 2-3 days. However, the stone can only be measured after all cabinetry is installed. The stone would generally take 10 working days.

Generally, there are several trades involved with a standard kitchen replacement.

  • Kitchen dismantle and removal
  • Plumbing (gas and water) disconnection and reconnection
  • Electrical (appliances) disconnection and reconnection
  • Electrical, new cable, and safety may be required if changing to induction cooktop or gas oven to an electric oven.
  • Plaster, cornice, and skirting fixing 
  • Touch painting areas that had been damaged or newly installed
  • Tiling (splashback too, if tiles are chosen)
  • Flooring (Optional)

The doors and panels for resurfacing generally take 1-2 weeks to manufacture and takes 1-2 days to install. The stone or laminate benchtops can be measured in most cases during the door manufacturing, provided no changes to the existing size. This would significantly reduce the renovation process.

Resurfacing doesn’t mean the cabinetry would be 100% new. There are limitations, such as the integrity and the setup of the existing cabinetry. However, a good resurface would extend the lifespan and add to the aesthetics of your home. 

Each kitchen is unique. Our designers would give our customers the most honest opinion on what to do to maximise the value of your existing cabinetry. With well-known Australian materials and long-lasting European hardware, MS&MR Kitchens strives to provide the quality resurfacing they can get. If you are situated in Melbourne, be sure to give our friendly showroom designers a call and have a crystal-clear picture of what your kitchen needs.

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