Beautifully Designed Custom Wardrobes for Melbourne Homeowners

It’s the start of a new day, and you need to decide what to wear for your day out. Making this decision is next to impossible if you have a cluttered wardrobe or you cannot even find the clothes you are looking for! This is where having the perfect custom wardrobe will save on time you spend deciding on what to wear. MS&MR Kitchens can design the perfect wardrobe for your home inspired by your sense of style and how you like to arrange your clothes.
Wardrobes can vary drastically in style, finish, and cost. Below are some common wardrobe designs:
  • Wardrobes with doors: The closed wardrobe is one of the most common wardrobes in homes. Most people do not like to show all the items in their wardrobe and prefer doors. Wardrobes with doors usually differ based on the style, finish, material, and hardware. One major advantage of this type of wardrobe is that it’s much more cost-effective since the insides are usually standard white melamine. There is also no need for extremely fancy hardware since no one would see it other than the owner. With our detailed quote, you can trace how the costs are distributed between materials, labour, and machine hour.
  • Open wardrobes or semi-open wardrobes: These are emerging as some of the trendiest wardrobe designs in the market. A semi-open wardrobe can be challenging to design as it always needs to look presentable. The combination allows customers to showcase some of your clothes, shoes, bags while hiding those you don’t want others to see. You can also add a mirror when you have an open wardrobe.
  • Walk-in Robe: These closets are adored worldwide and are the trendiest style for those building their dream home. However, these types of walk-in robe inserts do require a reasonable side space. By sectioning a part of the room for your closet, you can create enough space to accommodate all your clothes, shoes, and accessories. This allows you to divide your clothes into different categories, and your closet can also function as a dressing room. However, this could be more expensive as more materials and labour will need to be invested. Other fancy additions such as internal downlights, LEDs, hardware and features can also be added. Our showroom designer can help you use the features you need and plan our structure, so it’s relatively cost-effective.
Custom Wardrobes for Melbourne Homeowners

Improving the Functionality of Your Space With Quality Wardrobe Features

You can make your wardrobe more functional and efficient by adding various features to it. Some features that you can add in wardrobes apart from regular shelves are:

Major Factors That Affect Your Wardrobe Design

Before you plan your custom wardrobe design, you need to understand various factors that might affect your decision:

Does the design of the wardrobe go with the rest of your room décor? Will it drastically reduce the space in your room? These are some questions you need to ask yourself when it comes to wardrobe aesthetics. As a once-in-a-decade investment, it’s best not to make a hasty decision you will later regret. Talk to our designers and explore different options before you choose a design for your wardrobe.


You need to be sure that the wardrobe you want has sufficient space for all your belongings without cramming all your clothes in it. Similarly, having an unnecessarily large closet or the wrong features will eat up more space, which could be used for other purposes. We can help you design a wardrobe that perfectly matches your requirements and provide pros and cons for different wardrobe designs. We can also help you with choosing the most helpful wardrobe inserts.


One of the major factors that can change your mind about your custom wardrobe design is the cost. The price is bound to change based on the structure, finish, the amount of materials used, the labour involved, and the intricacies of the designs. We can help you work out your dream wardrobe’s most suitable design by speaking to our designer.

At MS&MR Kitchens, we will create a detailed design plan before we start with the project. This will outline where all your cost is invested in and the materials that we use for them. Quality is our priority, so we work with only the top local suppliers and make the wardrobes in our cabinet manufacturing facility using cutting-edge technology.

Showcase Your Belongings in Custom Display Cabinets

Display cabinets are cabinets that showcase your valuable belongings while keeping them organised. Most homeowners adore the idea of a display cabinet as it keeps their prized possessions in one place. Whether you are a book lover with a stack of novels or have multiple awards and trophies earned over the years, showcasing them in a display cabinet is a great option. At MS&MR Kitchens, we can build aesthetically pleasing custom display cabinets that complement the rest of the home’s furnishing. You can count on us to use only locally sourced materials from top Australian suppliers like Laminex, Polytech, and Formica for your cabinetry work.

One-size-fits-all is not our policy. Hence, we can customise your display cabinets based on various uses like:

  • Wine / Whisky Cabinets: A bar cabinet is a great way to showcase your collection of alcohol to your guests. It also makes the drinks easily accessible and adds a modern touch to your living space. A bar cabinet does not just add an aesthetic quality to your home, but it also creates space for you to organise all your alcohol collection neatly. You can also create additional space to make drinks for your guests.
  • Trophy Cabinets: Whether you or your child has won many trophies over the years, showcase them with pride in a beautiful custom-made trophy cabinet. This grabs the attention of your guests and can also be a great topic of conversation. Moreover, the adoration of your past achievements will encourage you to pursue more accomplishments in the future. We can design trophy cabinets depending on the sizes of trophies you have and the space you can spare in your living room.
  • Book Cabinets: Being a book lover, who wouldn’t love to have their books neatly arranged in one place instead of collecting dust in the corner? Book cabinets help save a lot of space, but they can also store stationery and files. You can also create a cosy place near your bookcase to relax and read.

When you have a lot of belongings, not many ideas for keeping them come to mind other than a storage room. A display cabinet creates the storage space you are looking for while also adding a pop of colour to your home. Moreover, a display cabinet accentuates the beauty of the room. Depending on what you place in a display cabinet, you can explore different designs for your home while improving its functionality.

Why Choose Us to Design Your Display Cabinets

The central aspect when you go for a display cabinet is the materials used to make them and where the cabinetry is designed. At MS&MR Kitchens, we have our cabinet manufacturing facility with industry-leading machineries like Hebrock’s laser bander and computerised digital machinery (CNC) to cut accurately to the millimetre. We also use the world’s top hardware, such as Blum and Hettich, so you will notice the smoothness every time you open and close your cabinetry. After you discuss your project with our showroom manager, they will create an initial design and provide you with a detailed quote so that you are well informed where every cent of yours is invested. We can also offer a 3D model of the design and how it fits into your home so that you make an informed judgment before you decide on the custom-made display cabinet. Any concerns that you have, whether it’s with the design or the material, our showroom manager will be your point of contact. We offer a 10-year structural warranty and a lifetime warranty on our European hardware. Call us to schedule a consultation.
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