What Is A Mid-Century Style kitchen?

Mid-century style kitchen refers to the design and decor style that was popular in the mid-20th century, typically characterised by simple lines, natural materials, and a minimalist aesthetic. This style often features elements like warm wood cabinetry, clean countertops, and sleek, functional appliances that nod to the era’s design sensibility. It is still quite popular today and can add a timeless and sophisticated look to any kitchen renovation.

At MS&MR Kitchen in Melbourne, we believe that a home is an extension of the owner. Your kitchen remodel with a mid-century, modern style should be both, functional and beautiful. We can help you achieve that for your home as our products are made from quality materials, and last for years without problems.

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Features of Mid-Century Modern-Inspired Kitchen Designs

One of the most well-known kitchen remodelling designs is mid-century modern. It’s a popular style among homeowners, many of whom are interested in replicating the design and feel of retro kitchens. There are many ways that mid century design kitchens can be enhanced to make them more inviting and innovative. This style has stood the test of time and continues to be a popular choice for kitchen renovations today because of its key features such as:
  • Functionality: Our expert may start with a blank canvas and create a space that works for your needs rather than just fitting into your available space. This means you can have a tiny kitchen but still have enough cabinet space for everything you need to store.
  • Colours: One of the hallmarks of mid-century modern design is its use of primary colours (reds and yellows) in addition to black and white. This makes them perfect for small spaces because they'll feel larger than they really are.
  • Minimalism: The style tends to focus on using as little material as possible. Stop wasting your money on things like extra cabinets or unnecessary appliances when there's room in your budget for something else!
  • Openness: Instead of having a wall between your kitchen and dining room, there are just wide open spaces with no barriers. This allows easy access from one room to another without having to go through a doorway or pass through a hallway. It also creates an aesthetic that looks very sleek and clean.

How to Make a Kitchen Look Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-century modern is a classic design style with a lot of appeal—and we’re not just talking about its timeless look. This design style is all about making your home more livable, which is why it’s such a popular choice for kitchens. The mid-century kitchen is cosy, stylish, and functional. Moreover, you can create your own mid-century modern kitchen with just a few simple changes or additions!

Bringing the mid-century modern aesthetic to your kitchen can be a fun and rewarding project. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a kitchen renovation or simply wish to update your space, there are a few key elements you can focus on to create a stylish Mid-Century Modern look. Here are some tips for making your kitchen look Mid-Century Modern:

  • Choose warm wood cabinetry: They are a staple in mid-century farmhouse kitchens. They are often made of solid wood, with either natural or stained finishes. A few other details of mid-century style kitchen cabinets could include straight, flat front edges along with soft curves, and protruding hinges.
  • Opt for simple countertops: Simple countertops in materials like laminate, concrete, or natural stone help keep the overall look minimal and uncluttered. They can be paired with a backsplash in a contrasting material to create a striking focal point for the kitchen's design.
  • Use open shelving: They are often used to display collectibles or other decorative items that contribute to the overall aesthetic of the room, especially in a mid-century industrial kitchen. They can also be used to store food or cookware.
  • Invest in sleek & functional appliances: The focus in mid-century modern kitchens is on functionality. That’s why you need to choose appliances for their ability to blend seamlessly into the overall design, like in a mid-century modern grey kitchen. Avoid appliances that are too big for their space or don't fit in with the rest of your appliances' colours and shapes.
  • Add bold accents: Bold accents like brightly coloured backsplashes or statement lighting fixtures can add a playful touch. You can use the colour of your backsplash to match the colour of your walls and countertops to create continuity across the room. This will keep things feeling cohesive without being too heavy on one particular colour scheme.
  • Embrace organic shapes: Curved lines and organic shapes are a hallmark of a mid-century style kitchen. You can incorporate these through curved countertops, cabinets, or hardware. However, it’s best to use this design element sparingly, as they aren't as strong as straight lines and angles. You run the risk of making your kitchen too busy for the eyes.
  • Glass tile backsplash: A glass tile backsplash is another quintessential part of mid-century kitchen design. It provides an unobstructed view of your countertop and helps bring light into the room from above. This can also make the kitchen bright and airy because they reflect light so well.
  • Add some plants: Plants help create an inviting atmosphere that will make you want to spend time in this room every day—which is exactly what you want when it comes time for entertaining guests. They are also great for adding colour and providing a sense of calmness to your space.
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Designing Your Perfect Mid-Century Kitchen

When you think of mid-century kitchens, what do you see? Most probably, some form of stainless steel and glass would come to mind. It could also be clean lines and a pop of colour in the form of an accent wall—maybe bright orange or red. However, here’s the thing: those kitchens are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to possibilities for modernising your home with mid-century design elements.

Designing your perfect mid-century modern kitchen is an exciting project that can bring new life to your home. With its clean lines, natural materials, and focus on functionality, this style is a timeless choice that can be tailored to suit your individual needs and tastes. Here are some tips for designing the perfect mid-century modern kitchen:

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  • Plan your space Start by considering the layout of your kitchen. This includes the size and shape of the room and the location of windows, doors, and other important features. Think about how you will use the space and your storage needs, and create a floor plan that maximises the space while meeting your needs.
  • Choose the right materials Mid-century modern kitchens often feature natural materials like wood, stone, and concrete. So, select certain materials that help in creating a warm, inviting space that feels true to the design style.
  • Pay attention to detail Though it's easy to get caught up in the details, it's important to remember that every detail of your design should fit together seamlessly. From the hardware on your cabinets to the lighting fixtures, every aspect of the design should be carefully considered to create a cohesive and stylish look.
  • Keep it simple Choose elements that are functional and understated to avoid clutter or unnecessary decorations. This will help you create a space that's easy on the eyes and comfortable for your guests. However, you can still add some personality with subtle touches like the design tip below.
  • Add personal touches While the overall look of a mid-century kitchen is minimalist, don't be afraid to add personal touches that reflect your individual style and personality. Consider incorporating bold colours, unique lighting fixtures, or vintage elements to create a space that is uniquely yours.

By following these tips, you can create a kitchen that is stylish, functional, and tailored to your individual needs and tastes. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking to update your existing space, designing your perfect mid-century modern kitchen is a project that can bring new life to your home and help create a space that you will love for years to come.

Why Choose MS&MR Kitchens?

Bring your kitchen into the mid-century with MS&MR Kitchens! With our expertise in mid-century modern design and quality craftsmanship, we’ll work with you to design and build the kitchen of your dreams. From choosing the right materials to adding personal touches, we’ll make sure every detail is just right. Don’t settle for a generic kitchen—let us help you create a space that is stylish, and uniquely yours. Contact us today at info@msnmr.com.au to talk to our experts and start designing your perfect mid-century kitchen!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
A mid-century kitchen is characterised by its minimalist design, clean lines, and use of natural materials. It often features bold geometric shapes, pops of colour, and vintage elements that reflect the design style of the mid-20th century.
Mid-century cabinets are typically characterised by their simple, clean lines and lack of ornamentation. They often feature sleek, flat panel doors and minimal hardware and may incorporate natural wood tones, bold colours, or unique textures.
Mid-century kitchen cabinets may be made from a variety of woods, including walnut, teak, and oak. Some designers may also use laminate or veneer to achieve a specific look or colour.
Mid-century modern kitchens often feature natural wood tones, such as warm walnuts and rich teaks. Lighter woods are used as well, like ash and oak. Some designers may incorporate darker or more dramatic shades (e.g., black or espresso) to create a bold look for a black mid-century modern kitchen.
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