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A trusted partner for custom-built kitchen cabinets, MS&MR Kitchens is one of the best companies in Melbourne that provides cabinets that are not only of high quality, but are also inspired by a true sense of style. Our kitchen cabinets are created with careful consideration for longevity, performance, and utility. The engineering of our custom kitchen cabinets is done keeping in mind these points.

Our company is well known for its quality joinery design, sourcing, and installation. We take great pride in our work. From minor cabinetry work to complete redesigning of your cabinetry layout, we are devoted to completing each project on schedule and within the quoted price.

We provide a warranty for all our kitchen cabinets in Melbourne, making us the go-to source for designer kitchen cabinets. Our custom kitchen cabinet installation team also ensures that kitchen cabinet doors and hardware are installed to operate smoothly and perfectly.

To bring stylish and sturdy kitchen cabinets to our customers, our professional staff uses the finest quality construction materials, including moisture-resistant particleboard, to ensure maximum reliability in wet areas. Our custom kitchen cabinet doors come in several designs and patterns, enabling you to build any type of kitchen cabinets in Melbourne limited only by your imagination.

We work with a host of respected construction contractors and architecture services in various areas to provide our clients with a complete solution for their design needs. With comprehensive knowledge of cabinetry and awareness of core design concepts, we will help our customers create their dream kitchen from the ground up. Whether it be new, contemporary, semi-traditional, country, or French regional, we will provide you with expert advice as well as a range of design options depending on your budget and design preferences.

Kitchen Cabinets in Melbourne

To make the process more informative and transparent, we provide an obligation-free quotation process involving detailed calculation, configuration, and consultation, with an almost accurate price before hiring us. Our designers will go over specific topics such as the custom kitchen cabinet structure, components, hardware, finishing, and production methods to give you a full overview of the goods and services you are receiving during these sessions. As suppliers, we have full descriptions of inventory, labour, or machine hour expenses, where all costs are entirely traceable. We agree that a rigorous working attitude, thorough expertise, utter quality, and friendly service are the secret to quality workmanship.

We offer not only modern and tasteful kitchen cabinets but also makes sure of other provisions such as:

Our kitchen cabinets project photos available online are also provided in various settings and in various styles, like modern, classic, country, or European style, among others. For your modern kitchen, you can also incorporate a bit of an industry-style kitchen for longer durability.

Many of our goods have been customised with an Australian finish. Our long relationship with the supplier and large purchasing power help us keep the production cost to a minimum, providing our customers with better value. This policy also refers to our equipment and many other accessories. Our quality services are a huge part of our contribution to the satisfaction of customers. Specialising in producing high-quality custom kitchens, with our new technology, competent builder, trustworthy, and seasoned cabinet maker, we are proud of our products and services from start to finish.

What to Look for When Considering a New Kitchen?

The following are a few tips formulated by our team of experts at MS&MR Kitchens that you should consider if you are about to get the kitchen in your home newly designed or refurbished:

Kitchen cabinetry that suits your need
Our kitchen designers would advise the most suitable combination of joinery depending on how you use your kitchen and the types of appliances, utensils, cutleries and crockeries. To ensure accessibility, we would recommend the right number of drawers and other hardware required to maximise functionality of the kitchen. Keeping a combination of different cabinetry options would provide the end-user more versatility in the long run.

Practical Kitchen Cabinetry

Your latest kitchen cupboard design is not just about all the gadgets or storage. Having sufficient working space, bench space, or pathway is also an essential factor. Cramming everything into a small area may sound like a good storage resolution, but in fact, it would decrease your efficiency and reduce your cooking experience when not appropriately planned. It is a bit of give and take, which our designers would guide you through.

Latest kitchen cupboard design

Aesthetics & Kitchen Designs

Whether it’s a Minimalism modern design or a Shaker door 2pac design, we will propose a kitchen that aesthetically suits your home. Many aspects such as the style of the house, colour of the walls and floors, existing furniture, and your personal preference can all influence the final plan of your kitchen. Whether it’s a mirror glass door or an open shelf, we will advise you of what would work if you wanted to make a display cabinet for your kitchen. Other design aspects such as symmetrical design, even-sized doors, and the right mixture of colours and textures are all part of the design concept.

Value for Money

At MS&MR Kitchens, we will never measure our success by how much we can build your kitchen but by how much value we can provide. Besides a large amount of knowledge, honest opinions & costing structure, and precision in project timing, we will only suggest the material and hardware suitable for your kitchen renovation. We believe that every dollar the customer spends on their kitchen renovation should be worth the value. That is why our well-experienced designers guide you through all types of materials, hardware, and structures of the kitchen cabinets to maximise the value of your budget.

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