What Type Of Kitchen May Work For Me?

Are you planning to give your kitchen a makeover? Have you decided the right kitchen style for your home? If you’re a novice in kitchen designing and remodelling, you’ve reached the right page! Before enhancing the décor of your kitchen, it’s important to choose the right kitchen layout.

The layout of the kitchen mainly depends on the available space of your kitchen and the way you utilise your kitchen space. The three core work areas that are utilised in a kitchen are the refrigerator, sink, and stove.

The placement of these three areas is a crucial factor in deciding the layout. They are almost always placed in the shape of a triangle, known widely by architects as the “kitchen work triangle”. Placing these three properly will allow you to navigate through the kitchen smoothly.

Though there are a diverse range of kitchen designs available, most follow one of the five main kitchen layouts. Take a look below at the different kitchen layouts and choose the one that’s best for you!

One-Wall or Straight Kitchen:

As its name suggests, the one-wall kitchen is where all your workstations lie against one wall of the kitchen, making the kitchen triangle almost non-existent. This kitchen layout is ideal for studio apartments and lofts that have less space.

Modern kitchens have also started incorporating this for a trendy look with an island added for additional countertops. If the kitchen area is small, you can increase the storage space with stacked cabinets and wall and base pantries.

Galley Kitchen:

If your kitchen space is small, then this layout is perfect for you. Galley kitchen layout is built parallelly on two sides of the kitchen walls with one workstation facing the other two, in turn creating a small yet perfect work triangle. In Modern day design, the Galley could also consist of one side against the wall plus a parallel island.

This is a one-cook kitchen layout which creates additional countertop space and makes it easy to navigate. It is also called a walkthrough layout as it has one walkthrough with both sides easily accessible. You can add stacked cabinets for additional storage space. The Island can be made into a breakfast bar or provide extra working bench.

L-Shaped Kitchen:

Suitable for small kitchens that are open on one side towards a room or walkway, the L-shaped kitchen has the workstations placed on adjacent walls of the kitchen. The walls are perfect to add new kitchen appliances, countertops, and cabinets efficiently while also integrating the main workstations well.

Due to its design, it has a flexible layout that makes it perfect for both traditional and modern kitchens. It’s also easy to repair any of your kitchen appliances that might stop functioning in the future. This layout mainly incorporates wall cabinets but can also have overhead cabinets and base cabinets. For a large L-shape Kitchens, an Island bar could also be considered.

U-Shaped Kitchen:

The U-shaped kitchen is best to provide more storage and working space when the space is limited as it spans on three walls of the kitchen, leaving one side as an open access. This also creatively incorporates the work triangle as well as creates1 more space for additional appliances as and when they are brought in.

As the countertops, cabinetry, as well as the workstations span on three sides of the kitchen, incorporating this in a small space might make the kitchen feel crowded if more than one cook is working. We strongly advise that the distance between the two opposite sides should be at least 1.4-1.5m wide. If you have a big kitchen with ample space between the parallel workstations, you can place an island in between. This allows more than one cook to work in the kitchen smoothly.

G-Shaped or Peninsula Kitchen:

An extension of the U-shaped kitchen, the G-shaped kitchen spans across three walls of the kitchen and expands partially on the fourth wall (or side) of the kitchen. For an open kitchen, it serves as a connecting island and can be accessed from all the three sides of the counter. As the Kitchen working space is surrounded by cabinetry, we advise the area in the middle should be at least 1.5mx1.5m. The opening to the Kitchen should be at least 1.2m for any appliances to move in and out.

Due to the design, this layout needs ample kitchen space, so it’s mostly suitable for medium- and large-sized kitchens. The small connecting island can be used in various ways and does not have to be restricted as a kitchen countertop. It can act as a breakfast bar or a storage area too. In comparison to a kitchen with an island, this also occupies less space.

With this information, you now have an idea on which designs are more suitable when you proceed with your kitchen renovation project! If you’re looking for an experienced contractor for this project, contact Ms&Mr Kitchen’s today! We proudly serve the areas of Blackburn, Camberwell, Chadstone, Bentleigh, Glen Waverley, and Mount Waverley. Call us on 03 9543 1103 to schedule an appointment!

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